Video: Coaster Mania

In 1978, Cedar Point hosted an event to help build fanfare around the park’s record-setting Gemini. It was Cedar Point’s first Coastermania. While the annual event now brings together the largest gathering of coaster fans each year, that first year it was an experiment. It has been reported that the park was hoping that the small collective of enthusiasts would form their official club at the event. However, American Coaster Enthusiasts became a reality a few weeks prior at Coaster Con I at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia.


Gemini opened to mixed reviews at the time. It wouldn’t be until the huge success of Magnum XL-200 that Cedar Point would offer a park-sponsored event again. One of Gemini’s crowning achievements was the first taste the park would have with building record-setting rides. Today, Cedar Point has become synonymous with doing just that.


Much of the historic footage seen here in this video was shot by Bowling Green University at that very event in 1978. This documentary on coaster thrills and the fans that love them was completed and first viewed in 1979. Many of ACE’s earliest members appear in this feature.




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